M.C.Asia Co.,Ltd.
(Bangkok, Thailand)

“Develop your business in Asia”

Your international advisor to discover, understand, and enter in Asian market.

M.C. Square Ltd. (Hong Kong)

“The new silk road”

The gateway between Europe and Asia for trading, outsourcing, and business development.

Alifer Co., Ltd.

"sapere aude"

To bring Asia to your door step, closing the gap between the continents, giving your business the confidence and knowledge to trade in a continent that seeks quality Italian design.

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M.C. Asia:mc.asia@mcasia.net
M.C. Square:mc.hk@mcasia.net
Design and Architecture

Italian professionists bring Asia to Italian architectural and design firms' door step.

International Business Development

Our business strategically integrates clients into trustworthy supply chain networks.

M.C. Square Ltd.

Already active since 2010 with a trading activity from Asia to Europe, mainly in two main industries: food ingredients, screen printing and chemical products.

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Read more about the latest market trend and new business opportunities.

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